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QuickBooks Training

QuickBooks Training

For DIYers:
If you are not looking for a monthly service but need a better workflow, we can provide training to fine-tune your procedures and answer the questions that come up every month. We’ll give you the tools to enable you to confidently process your own accounting, while remaining on stand-by for the one-off questions that come up.

The best time to have us help you is before you’ve made a software decision and done your own setup. Even if you want to maintain your own books, setting up QuickBooks can be tricky. Every firm is unique, so we customize every setup, assess your accounting needs, and provide you with the tools to give you the information want.

If your system is in a state of disarray or needs to be brought current, we’re here to help. Once we’ve put you back in order, we can show you how to easily process your accounting on a daily or weekly basis.

Monthly/Quarterly Assessment
Many clients opt to have us straighten up every month or so, performing the tasks that take too much of your time – time better spent on billing your clients:

  • Payroll general ledger entries
  • Bank and credit card reconciliations
  • Client trust and liability reconciliations
  • Partner distribution reporting
  • General ledger cleanup

We’d rather see you once a month than once a year. If you wait until January to fix the prior year’s entries, you have lost the opportunity to make changes that influence your tax return.

Packaged Program or Hourly Rates Available.

Susan Natali | Law Firm Accounting